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Bone Broth

The natural way to keep your pets in top condition 

What is Bone broth?

Bone broth is a liquid gel, Extracted from selected bone and connective tissue that contains natural proteins,minerals & amino acids that are not always associated with your pets diet.


These proteins,minerals & amino acids play a vital role when it comes to your dogs health.

Below you will find a list of the amino acids produced from bone broth and what each one can do for your dog.        

 And looks like this
Comes in handy resealable pouches and contains 500ml
of lamb or beef pure 100% natural bone broth
Bone Broth is produced from fresh 
Beef or Lamb Bone.
Just some of the proteins and minerals produced by bone broth
Natural Bone Broth contains the
above proteins,minerals and amino acids but that can benefit your pets health.    

Scottish canine are an approved company with

Who Uses Bone Broth?

These Guys

Not forgetting this squad.

Our working dogs, sports dogs & dogs with high ball drives. These dogs work, train & play hard.

Maintaining the health of Sports, Working, Service & high ball drive dogs.

...Our senior Citizens

 Definitely These Guys...

Use Bone Broth for sick & recovering pets to help build up there immune system, Re-hydrate & aid a healthy digestive system.       

Did You Know?

Bone broth contains more natural high value proteins, minerals and & amino acids than most leading manufactured joint & general health care products.          

Useful information on Arthritis, Allergies, Puppies and Senior Dogs

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Where does the bone come from and why is it Important?

Bone selection is vital for extracting the proteins and minerals that form a rich broth, capable of doing the job.   

All of our bone comes from company's specifically selected for what we call, top quality producers.

Below you will find direct links to the company's we use and there specific species.    



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