For thousands of years almost every culture learned to consume a form of bone broth as one of their very first super-foods to help them stay strong, healthy and well nourished. As we now navigate a modern world of processed foods, body taxing medications and non stop environmental stresses this nourishing ancient elixir can have even greater benefits for our pets

Scottish canine how its made

How it's made

Let’s start with how we produce our Bone Broth and what exactly goes into making and extracting the rich proteins and minerals from bone.

Firstly we don’t use just any bone materials for our broth but instead make the choices we know produces the proteins and minerals required for a rich protein and nutrient dense broth, fresh clean bone is our only choice and our suppliers know and understand our requirements.   


In Scotland, Scottish canine are known in the meat industry for what we require from it and that helps, Our suppliers know what we produce and what type of bone & quality suits best for our needs, quality materials that will produce the best we can achieve every single time.

Our suppliers also know that every single batch of broth we produce requires independent laboratory testing and should we ever have a problem with our quality or test results then our suppliers would be no more. 


We chose bone with connective tissue and knuckle as well as weight bearing bone to balance out the proteins and minerals within the broth and getting this balance is important in every single batch produced.


Another ingredient we use is acidic acid, acidic acid is used to leach the proteins and minerals from the bone and to bind it all together as a liquid, when we say acidic acid what we really mean is vinegar, organic apple cider vinegar to be precise, and the reason we use this is that it’s a natural product and not as harsh or bitter as the vinegar used when cooking or as a dressing.


Our next additive to the broth is simply water however not just any water, being a Scottish company we naturally use the soft waters of Scotland to produce our broth, The water we use is from Loch Katrine which is located slightly above the famous loch Lomond.  


Next we then begin the cooking process which can last between 36 to 48 hours depending on the initial bone materials, some bone materials like weight bearing beef bone can be heavy and dense and not so easy to break down in the cooking process and can therefore take a longer period of time in the process.


We know from experience that our cooking temperatures are vital in producing the perfect broth every time; we can’t give away our trade secrets at this point but what I can say is that we don’t just switch the gas on and go home for 48 hours.

Cooking temperatures are adjusted every couple of hours (even during the night) to produce a rolling boil and a glimmer of simmer at set periods of time to move the bone in short bursts of heat and movement enabling the release of those valuable proteins and minerals.


After the cooking process the broth is then allowed to cool down naturally to remove any heavy fats from the top and then the liquid gold is strained down to 400 microns to remove any pinhead size bone partials, samples are then taken and sent to the lab for analysis.


Finally its over to packaging and frozen down to -22c ready for dispatch to provide our pets with one of the best and natural healing products we can provide for our pets.